Written by Anthony Mauro

Art by Quan Chu

Letters by Lucas Gattoni
All rights for Salvation belong to Anthony Mauro and Quan Chu.

Salvation 01 - Highres Screen - Page 06.jpg

Page 6 Panel 1

This is from the other side of the encampment. It is in the distance still. THE MELD are all cyborgs and the party, lead by VAUGHN, has captured four WASTELANDERS as prisoners. THE WASTELANDERS are being dragged behind THE MELD raiding party. This is a shot of KLAY, one of the WASTELANDERS talking to her brother, ISAAC. They both look a little worse for wear. The other two WASTELANDERS are in the background, or maybe not in the shot at all.

Klay: Isaac, we need to go back.

Isaac: There’s nothing to go back to, Klay. Our home is ash and rubble. You saw what they did to our father. You saw him burn.

Page 6 Panel 2

This is a close up of KLAY.

Klay: So what? We give up? Nobody comes back from The Foundry. Nobody. You know that.

Page 6 Panel 3

This is a close up of ISAAC.

Isaac: I didn’t say we give up. We’re getting out of this, Klay. I pro--

Meld Captor: Move faster! We’re makin’ it to The Foundry before dark whether yer on yer own legs, or bein’ dragged through the gates on yer back!

Page 6 Panel 4

This is a shot of ISAAC getting to one knee and wiping off his mouth with his tied up hands.

Isaac: We’re not going anywhere with you--you half-bot piece of shit.

Salvation 01 - Highres Screen - Page 07.jpg

Page 7 Panel 1

This is a shot of THE MELD CAPTOR. He looks pissed and a blade has come together, springing out of the back of his robot wrist. Behind him, the shadow of VAUGHN is approaching.

Meld Captor: I get the feelin’ yer not too fond of yer tongue, are yeh?

Page 7 Panel 2

This is a shot of THE MELD CAPTOR holding up his blade hand, looking surprised. VAUGHN has placed one of his robot hands on THE MELD CAPTOR’s shoulders.

Vaughn: Quiet.

Page 7 Panel 3

This is a shot of ISAAC looking defiantly up. VAUGHN’s shadow is covering him.

Vaughn (out of frame): You think you’re going somewhere? Little Wastelander, you’re not going anywhere but to The Foundry.

Page 7 Panel 4

This is a shot of KLAY trying to run towards her brother, but is restrained by her bonds. She’s shouting.

Klay: Don’t you dare hurt him!

Salvation 01 - Highres Screen - Page 08.jpg

Page 8 Panel 1

This is a large panel showing VAUGHN in all his badassery back handing KLAY, violently and hard. Her head in knocked backwards and blood is flying from her mouth.

Vaughn: Are you so foolish as to think I was speaking to you?

Page 8 Panel 2

This is a shot of ISAAC charging towards VAUGHN. THE MELD CAPTOR holding onto ISAAC’s bonds looks a little surprised.


Page 8 Panel 3

This is an action shot of THE MELD CAPTOR’s hands pulling sharply back on ISAAC’s ropes, pulling them taut.