Fight Night

Written by Anthony Mauro

Art by AJ Aledia
All rights for Fight Night belong to Anthony Mauro and AJ Aledia.


Page 1 Splash Page

Page 1 is a splash page of COLUMBIA BLUE MKIII getting punched in the face by its opponent ALPHA CANIS MKII. At the top of page is black, which fades into the stadium lights of the arena where the fight is being fought. The punch throws COLUMBIA BLUE off balance as well as cracking the glass of the cockpit. In the stands in the background, camera flashes are going off.

Caption #1 (top left of the page in the black part): This is how a dream ends.

Caption #2 (Somewhere is the middleish): Not with the rising sun…

Caption #3 (Somewhere below that): Not with the smell of hot coffee and warm toast…

Caption #4 (Bottomish right): But with a punch to the goddamn face.


Page 2 Panel 1

Panel 1 is a square panel that’s in the top left corner of the page. It is a pretty big square panel. In it we see COLUMBIA BLUE on the ground on its side with some pretty heavy battle damage.

Caption box for Announcer #1: And once again Columbia Blue is down! Boy, has that bot taken a beating tonight.

Caption box for Announcer #2: Roy I tell ya, these boys from Bakersfield are out of their league here.

Page 2 Panel 2

Panel 2 is a skinny vertical panel that is as long as panel 1. It shows the leg of ALPHA CANIS step into frame, and COLUMBIA BLUE pushing itself back up.

Page 2 Panel 3

Panel 3 is the same size and shape of panel 2 and is right next to it. It’s of COLUMBIA BLUE trying to attack ALPHA CANIS with rockets from its arm. ALPHA CANIS caught the arm and has it pointing harmlessly up in the air, the rockets spinning up and out of frame.

Page 2 Panel 4

This panel takes up the rest of the bottom of the page. It’s an action shot of ALPHA CANIS violently ripping COLUMBIA BLUE’s arm off.

Page 2 Panel 5

This panel is an embedded panel in panel 4. It’s a smallish square (not too small) that show’s a side view of the two announcer’s going crazy because of the action in the arena.

Announcer #1: The arm is gone! I can’t believe it, Alpha Canis ripped the arm clean off!

Announcer #2: What a fight, what a fight! It’s all over now folks. There is no way Columbia Blue is coming back from that.


Page 3 Panel 1

This panel is a horizontal panel that takes up the top fourth of the page. It show’s ALPHA CANIS backhanding COLUMBIA BLUE with its own arm like a fucking boss. It’s like a straight up bitch slap.

Caption box for Announcer #1: Are you seeing this? This is one of the most brutal beat downs I’ve ever seen. I don’t know about you Tim.

Caption box for Announcer #2: Roy, I have to agree with you. The sheer ferocity at which Alpha Canis started this match with has not dwindled.

Page 3 Panel 2

This panel is also a horizontal panel that takes up the next fourth of the page. It’s an aerial shot of the arena. COLUMBIA BLUE is laying on the ground, smoking from the missing arm socket, leaking oil into the dirt. ALPHA CANIS is raising the dismembered arm above his head and the crowd is going crazy.

Caption box for Announcer #1: The refs are calling it. The Alpha Canis is the official champion of The U.S. Nationals! You saw it here first folks. Alpha Canis wins!

Caption box for Announcer #2: They came out strong, and held it throughout the fight, never letting Columbia Blue get a real foot hold the entire night. This is something we’ve seen Alpha Canis do this entire season. They push and never let up.

Page 3 Panel 3

This is a shot of the two announcers facing the front of the panel like it’s a TV show complete with channel headings and the info bar at the bottom of the screen. The panel itself is a large square.

Announcer #1: They were the favorites going into the fight tonight, and I can say that they performed the way they needed to win this fight.

Announcer #2: Agreed. The Bruford brothers of Columbia Blue have had an uphill battle this season, being the underdog in almost every fight, and I think Alpha Canis pilot Greg Jergsson knew that going into tonight’s fight.

Announcer #1: It definitely felt like he wanted to get this match over as fast as possible. He did not want to be another notch on the Bruford’s belt, a team which came out of nowhere this season.

Page 3 Panel 4

Panels 4 and 5 are long vertical panels that combined take up the same space as panel 3. Panel four is a shot of BRANDON BRUFORD helping BEN BRUFORD out of the destroyed COLUMBIA BLUE.

Caption box for Announcer #1: Speaking of, it looks like the Bruford brothers are okay.

Page 3 Panel 5

This panel shows the brothers looking at the wreckage of COLUMBIA BLUE. BRANDON is standing with this hands behind his head, BEN is bending over with his hands on his knees.